Social Obligation

  Kalptaru is quite conscious about its obligation towards coming generation by protecting the environment.
Against the traditional resources of Paper Manufacturing like the Wood Pulp, the company uses Waste Paper as its raw material, This work towards Forest Conservation.
Company's Manufacturing Plant has 100% water recycling unit. No water is being discharged as effluent which results not only in safeguarding environment but it also takes care of Water Pollution issues.
Complies with rules and regulations of Indian Government on Health, Safety and Environment Protection.
Fire fighting appliance are provided.
Work procedures and safety instructions provided.
Personal protective equipments are in place and in use.
The Company has also initiated the process of ISO 14000 & 18000 certification related to safety and environment.
Waste heat recovery boiler has been installed.
Kalptaru's Plants and operational facilities have a good track record on safety and loss prevention / minimization.
It also has the necessary facilities to treat liquid / solid waste and air emission that contain pollutants, in accordance with the requirements of the Gujarat Pollution Control Board ("GPCB").
Risk analysis is being carried out periodically.
Medical support is available to attend
to occupational health hazards.
KALPTARU GROUP – Giving back to the Society
As a responsible group, Kalptaru understands its social obligations. It pays back to the society in whatever way is possible be it flood relief or giving school bags & books to children. Some of the activities undertaken are –

Social Initiative

Donated computers to schools in villages around the factory
Encouraging top three ranking students by giving them gifts & token money
Donating rides & slides for children
in schools
Donating School bags, note books, slates, etc. to nursery & primary children
Arranging community food for all workers
Celebrating Independence day and
Republic day
Organizing Sports and cultural programme for the groups workers and staff along with snacks & lunch
Sponsoring various activities and sports
Promotes Sports by
sponsoring tournaments
Organizes various religious function